All Souls Invited

Nubian pyramids circa 1906.

holding hands - persepolis, iran.

people are so disappointing…

Just another ghost 

Went to see Daedelus with my sister. got to venue only to find out he wasn’t playing for three hours. Club was empty freezing and the bass was incessant. I began having anxiety and started to feel sick. we left after an hour to try and find a quiet bar to wait. I felt sick and uneasy for two hours, then decided to walk back to see how i felt. I thought i surely had to go home then. but then we got there. I saw him at the deck and i felt instantly better! I’m so happy i didn’t miss it and conquered my fears… thought i was going to miss more i love because of sickness. Finally i am doing what i have always wanted to. My ears are ringing and i am so happy.

it was amazing. i feel like i’m high when i listen to his music it’s so beautiful and his performance is the best. Never seen anyone so happy to perform. I got to thank him after the show. he is the kindest! Go see him!

I am working for a published author, helping him copy old manuscripts. the other day his wife and him asked me to witness for their forms for their afterlife arrangements. Their friends didn’t want to. i feel so honored they asked me to. I think it’s lovely. 

He renews my faith in people. he is friendly, honest, generous, and he does everything he says he is going to do. 


Black Moon (1975)

Vampire (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2008)

anxiety ongoing. My sister is visiting and I may or may not have eaten a plum contaminated with Listeria, and I may or may not get to go to a concert. Over-stimulated. Am I really an adult.