All Souls Invited

I love Call the Midwife

I hope when I am older I will help younger people and not demonize them just because I don’t understand them. 

This man who had dinner at my parents house said my generation is spoiled right in front of me while I was cleaning up the table and kitchen.

So sick and tired of reading pieces about how much my generation (“millennials”) is so horrible. Who raised us? What makes you so perfect?

My friends and I are treated like shit and we’re supposed to be appreciative to you? I don’t think so. 

Your “logic” and “superior intelligence” bores me.


Jóga (Michel Gondry, 1997)
they’re so confusing why do they exist

I would like to humbly object the reblogging of my posts on pale blogs

"The soul is everywhere that scholarly knowledge is not."

— CG Jung


egon schiele

cannot erase a touch


I Don’t Want To Sleep Alone (Tsai Ming-liang, 2006)